T.E.A.M. – TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE. This is exactly what happened to the TSPIC ATMEL and its Union, TSPICEU-FFW when they have concluded and signed their last CBA on 01 June 2015 after it expired in January 2014 before the company decided to close its operation effective August 01, 2015 due to non-renewal of company space.

“Up to their last CBA, they have shown their mutual trust and respect to each other, which demonstrated their continuous cooperation and harmonious relationship,” Director Edgar G. Aquino said.

“The history of the company before the creation of their LMC in 2001 is marred by poor management and labor relations.  The Union went on strike in 1997 when TSPIC is still part of Temic-Telefunken,” Aquino added.

The company had several successful CBA negotiations with the Union between 2000 and 2014 prior to its last CBA this year.  Without cooperation, TSPIC ATMEL would still be marred by a strike.  Without cooperation, labor and management relations would still be strained up to its closure now.

In fact, the company was awarded best LMC in 2011 and best GM in 2013. 

Meanwhile, the separation package for their last CBA benefiting a total of 289 employees consists of the following: wage increase of Php 600.00 per employee effective January 01, 2015; separation package of 200 % and industrial peace incentive of Php 4, 000.00 per employee.

“Despite of closure issue, we ended with a happy face and open hands for a new beginning.  The signing of our last CBA without going to a labor dispute is a manifestation of how we sustain our harmonious relationship which we owe to our LMC,” Sonia Balgos, Union President of TSPICEU-FFW, said.

“With all the big rocks that we have passed through in the last CBA negotiation, we ended it up through an LMC relationship, successfully maintaining a good relationship in our hearts,” Wilfredo M. Laysico, General Manager of TSPIC ATMEL, said.

TSPIC ATMEL is located at Bagsakan Road, FTI Complex, Taguig City; engaged in integrated circuit manufacturing.

The conclusion of their last CBA affirms that all is well that ends well for TSPIC ATMEL.

– Renato R. Cañutal




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