The Claims Executives from Gard Greece, Gard Norway, The Standard Club Greece and Alassin Greece visited the RCMB-NCR, making a courtesy call to Branch Director Teresita E. Audea.

The Executives met with Director Audea and Chief LEO Ma D. Yu on Friday morning (April 15) and discussed the NCMB’s programs and procedures, particularly on maritime concerns.

During the meeting, Audea and Yu, separately talked to the executives, and clarified with them the processes at the NCMB particularly the voluntary arbitration proceedings and how they differ from compulsory arbitration.

The Gard Greece and Gard Norway handle the increasing claims arising out of the global shipping.  They assess what needs to be done and allocate resources where needed.  They also strategize on how the claims can be further handled.

The Standard Club Europe Ltd. on the other hand, is the principal of the local correspondents Claims Services P and I.  The P and I handles the seafarer’s claims of their member’s interest which are all ship owners.

– Renato R. Canutal