Office of the Director (DL) 8-526-4230; Admin. Unit (DL) 8-334-2656; Docket Section (DL) 8-353-4930

Office of the Executive Director   RCMB NCR / /
Office of the Deputy  Executive Director – Technical Services   RCMB CAR
Office of the Deputy  Executive Director – Internal Services   RCMB I
Office of the Director – Technical Services   RCMB II
Office of the Director –  Internal Services   RCMB III
Conciliation-Mediation Division   RCMB 4A
Workplace Relations Enhancement Division   RCMB 4B
Voluntary Arbitration Division   RCMB V
Administrative Division   RCMB VI
Financial and Management Division   RCMB VII
Research and Information Division   RCMB VIII
SENA reports   RCMB IX
VA reports   RCMB X
Leave applications   RCMB XI
GPPB reports and concerns   RCMB XII
Concerns on Philgeps posting   RCMB XIII
Reports for Hotline 8888      

NCMB Central Office Directory