The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch-National Capital Region (RCMB-NCR) conducted its first 2022 leadership seminar-workshop for its officials and employees, entitled “Leadership Greatness for Excellent Service”, in partnership with Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (SPAVI), on 21 July 2022.

RCMB-NCR Director Cynthia C. Foncardas welcomed the guests and participants in the seminar-workshop. She highlighted the importance of public service by giving immediate response and prominence to all clients.

The resource person, Mr. Hernando “Hernan” H. Espiritu, Learning and Development Consultant of SPAVI, revved up the seminar by highlighting their prime value on client satisfaction. The difference between a customer and a guest was emphasized. Dealing with a customer is purely work in nature while dealing with a guest is more of a personal engagement. Thus, Shakey’s does not have customers, only guests. As they shape their service on a high satisfaction level and prioritize client’s perception of their service.

As one of the main learning initiatives of the Branch, the RCMB-NCR personnel gathered and actively participated in all the exercises facilitated by Mr. Espiritu.

Mr. Espiritu tackled and identified the core imperatives of great leadership, strategies for inspiring trust and building credibility and ultimately, excel customer satisfaction. He designed the discussion with the mandate of the government. He emphasized that public servants must also set service quality standards to meet clients’ needs and expectations which should be aligned with the organization’s mission and vision.

RCMB-NCR Foncardas expressed her gratitude to Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (SPAVI) for imparting their expertise and knowledge to improve the Branch’s customer service. She also said that a second phase of leadership training will be scheduled in September 2022 and requested Mr. Espiritu to be the resource person again.

END /jessa eguillos