The Branch held a free webinar on LMC, GM and VA and Positive Work Attitude via Zoom.  The free webinar was entitled: Managing Workplace Relations through Alternative Dispute Resolution and Positive Work Attitude.

The webinar was in partnership with Valenzuela City Tripartite Industrial Peace Council and Workers Affairs Office where all the participants came from Valenzuela City and in convergence with Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board NCR. This is part of the commitment of the Branch as one of the collaborators of the VCTIPC Strategic Plan 2020-2022 and being the Lead Implementing Partner under Strategic Priority 1 – Maintain and Sustain Industrial Peace. 

Some 45 participants from 5 organized and 19 unorganized companies became the latest beneficiaries of the Branch webinar when it conducted said activity on 23 February 2021.

Valenzuela City Councilor & Action Officer of Worker’s Affairs Office, Ramon L. Encarnacion, welcomed the participants.   VCTIPC President Peter T. Quintana of the Employer Sector gave his short message and stressed that in times of pandemic we need LMC to preserve work and to have continuous employment.  VCTIPC Gerardo O. Mago II affirmed what Mr. Quintana had said.  Chief LEO Maria Cecille V. Ceballos presented the Concept Paper for Valenzuela LGU: Dispute Prevention and Settlement – The LMC Way wherein she talked about the intervention in the dispute settlement starting from the Barangay Labor & Employment Committee, WAO Conciliation-Mediation Unit, NCMB & DOLE.  She stressed that the purpose is the creation of LMC and GM Committees in the Valenzuela area. Lastly, Mr. Roque T. Tanelgo of Workers’ Affairs Office presented the Overview of VCTIPC Strategic Planning for 2020-2022 where he highlighted as one of the policies is dispute prevention and settlement.

The webinar also highlighted the collaboration of NCMB, WAO and VCTIPC in the strategic planning for companies in Valenzuela City emphasizing the 33 Barangay Labor & Employment Committees assistance in resolving disputes geared towards industrial peace in that area.

LEO III Grace E. Membrere discussed LMC concepts and it benefits and advantages and Senior LEO Renato R. Canutal discussed grievance machinery emphasizing the need for company based mechanism to resolve grievances.  He also discussed voluntary arbitration where unresolved grievances are brought for decision while LEO III Dalisay P. Moog of RTWPB talked about Work Ethics of a Productive Worker and what qualities the employer look for an applicant employee.

“We would like to reach out to companies in Valenzuela to benefit from the free webinar.  The objective is for the companies in that area to resolve and discuss their work related concerns by adopting and using their LMC and GM,” Director Edgar G. Aquino said.

“We consider the seminar a success despite the threat of Covid 19 because we were able to prefacilitate and enhance the participating companies,” Aquino added.

“We will have a series of free webinars for companies in Valenzuela City this coming April 2021 in coordination with VCTIPC and the 33 Barangay Labor and Employment Committees,” Aquino likewise added.

/Renato R. Cañutal