A messman and a bosun were paid a total of P 5,464,800.00 in monetary benefits after the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board (RCMB) National Capital Region settled their separate complaints through the conciliation-mediation services, Director Teresita E. Audea announced recently.  The complainants filed a Notice to Arbitrate with the Branch which were both processed using conciliation-mediation.

Audea, in her report to Executive Director IV Shirley M. Pascual, said that Mr. Eduardo R. Melencion, Jr, who used to work as a messman of PACIFIC OCEAN MANNING INC. on board M/V “Stolt Pondo” came to the RCMB- NCR on January 11, 2016 to seek assistance regarding his complaint for disability benefits.

On 09 June 2016, the parties reached an agreement after the complainant accepted the offer of the management. Melencion was paid the amount of P 2,277,000.00.  Complainant was assisted by Con-Med George R. Ridad who needed his proficiency in settling the case.

On the other hand, the complaint of Mr. Loreto O. Razon was settled after he accepted management’s offer of P 3,187,800.00 for his claims on 09 June 2016.

Razon, who was employed as bosun of MAGSAYSAY MARITIME CORPORATION, on board M/V “VEGA” came to the RCMB-NCR on April 07, 2016 to complain about his claim for disability benefits.  Complainant was assisted by Con-Med Rubilyn M. Abando who needed her expertise in facilitating settlement of the case.

“The settlement of the foregoing labor disputes under conciliation-mediation prevented another full blown case where one wins and the other loses,” Pascual said.

She congratulated Con-Meds Ridad and Abando for their efforts in helping the parties to find solution to their problems.

 – Renato R. Cañutal