This is the day that the Lord has made… We will rejoice and be glad in it!  This was the opening statement of Conciliator-Mediator Maria Yolanda P. Minoria when she was asked to give a message for Dir. Baby on her retirement.  “Dir. Baby is ending her public service. Now she will have time for everything, so there is life after retirement,” added Con-Med  Minoria.

“She’s a physically small person with a big heart,” is how NCR Chief LEO Delia Yu describes retiring Director Estrella B. Rosal. “She is blessed; she finished the race physically and mentally healthy,” Ms. Yu added.

“She’s a diamond” is how Conciliator-Mediator Helena B. Flores says of Dir. Rosal. “Moreover, she is a supportive director and empathetic mentor, with a personal touch,“ Con-Med Flores said.

Director Estrella B. Rosal, or “Ate Baby” retires from government service on January 20, 2016, her 65th birthday.  One of the original appointees of NCMB, Dir. Rosal started as Accountant III on January 4, 1988. Moving up, she joined the technical staff as Senior Labor Employment Officer of Voluntary Arbitration Division. With undoubted commitment to her work paired with competence, she was again promoted as Supervising Labor and Employment Officer in 1993. Her career never stopped at one point. In 2005, she was again promoted to the position of Conciliator-Mediator – the nucleus  of her career.

Perhaps, she reached the peak of her professional life when she was promoted as Director II on September 20, 2013. Her first stint as Director was to head the NCMB Region II, the Cagayan Valley.  Then she was called back to Region IV-A, where she spent her career for two decades.  Then finally, she landed in a mega region, the National Capital Region.  This is the region where she ended her fruitful, challenging, and memorable working life with NCMB.

But life goes on! Dir. Lourdes Estioco said “retirement is not the end.”  In a light mode, Dir. Estioco means Dir. Baby can now dress well, enjoy her time with the family especially her grandchildren, no hurry, no worry.   Dir. Estioco knows Dir. Baby as “mapagpasensya, hindi mapantayan.”

For Con-Meds Ethel Bautista, Rowena Gutierrez and Michelle Renido, Dir. Baby is an adviser, counselor, confidant, and a friend.

Her batch mate Conciliator-Mediator Amor Aglibut said Dir. Rosal is a “baby before,” and still a “baby now.” Con-Med Aglibut boasted of their good tandem when they were both directors of Region IV-A. For the short period that they have worked together, no problem occurred because of good coordination. “Her being supportive is justified” Con-Med Aglibut said. Above all, Con-Med Aglibut wished Dir. Rosal not to stop in her philanthropic work and that there will be no changes in her book of life.

Almost all staff of NCMB NCR portray Ate Baby as supportive, a confidence builder, and most especially as a “no holds barred” individual in all decisions she gives.

OIC Deputy Executive Director Maria Teresita L. Cancio admires Ate Baby for her unquestioned commitment and dedication to her work.  “Malaking kawalan ng NCMB si Ate Baby. Masarap siyang katrabaho,  maaasahan, walang yabang, walang kakiyemehan.”   On a personal note, OIC Deputy Tess thanked Dir. Rosal for the times not only when she cried on her shoulders during her low moments but also during the laughing times they shared together.

Senior LEO Rene Canutal will always remember Ate Baby for pushing him to speak in front of the clients. “Don’t be shy,” was how Dir. Rosal motivated him.

For Con-Med Cresencia M. Pawingi, Director Rosal acted as her mother or big sister when she was new at NCMB NCR. She made sure that she felt comfortable and welcomed to her new workplace.  “Thanks to you, Ate Baby.”

  • Cresencia M. Pawingi/Renato R. Canutal