The CBA deadlock negotiation between Nagkakaisang Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Regan-(NSMR-ADLO KMU) and Regan Industrial Sales Inc. has finally concluded on 22 June 2015, RCMB- NCR Director Edgar G. Aquino has reported to Executive Director Reynaldo R. Ubaldo.

NSMR-ADLO-KMU filed a Notice of Strike case against the company on 15 April 2015 for CBA deadlock on economic provisions including wage increase, SL/VL, bereavement leave, union leave, separation pay, retirement pay and other existing provisions in CBA.

“Patience and perseverance bore fruit”, Executive Director Ubaldo said as he congratulates ConMed Bautista, the handling officer of the case.

The benefits include Php 15.00 wage increase  effective September 1, 2014, Php 15.00 CBA increase plus Php 15.00 wage increase mandated by law effective 23 June 2015 and lastly, effective September 1, 2016, another Php 12.00 increase will be granted.

For the leaves, union members can avail of 20 days VL, 19 days SL, for bereavement leave, 8 days if outside Metro Manila, 6 days within Metro Manila. The union can enjoy102 days union leaves.

Other benefits such as separation pay, retirement pay, labor education, Christmas bonus, birthday leave and monthly allowance will still be enjoyed by the union.

For successfully concluding the CBA, each covered employee was given Php 9,000 signing bonus.

The total economic package has an estimated value of Php 10,578, 600 that will benefit 68 union members for the 3-year CBA cycle, from September 01, 2014 to August 31, 2017.

“We are happy that the parties gave their best efforts to settle their deadlock issue in a very peaceful way,” Director Aquino acclaimed.

He also commended the efforts of ConMed Bautista for her patience and perseverance in handling this case and prevented the strike to occur considering that majority of the union members voted to call for a strike.

Nagkakaisang Samahan ng mga Manggagawa sa Regan is affiliated with Association of Democratic Labor Organization (ADLO- KMU) with 68 union members for collective bargaining purposes.